Story of Das Lumen Filmtheater: Expanding Reach and Retaining Customers with Keaz

Das Lumen Filmtheater in Düren is a contemporary cinema that showcases a mix of blockbuster and indie films. It focuses on enriching the film-watching experience and actively engages the community through special events and unique screenings.



Services (Cinema)


Düren, Germany

Company Size

30-50 employees

The Challenge

Das Lumen Filmtheater aims to engage new audiences and retain existing customers. One of their specific challenges is reaching potential guests who are not active on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where much of their event promotion typically occurs.

Why Keaz?

  • Direct Reach via Popular Platforms: Das Lumen chose Keaz to overcome the limitations of traditional social media by utilizing WhatsApp for direct customer engagement.

What is the No. 1 reason for using Keaz?

  • Enhanced Event Promotion: Keaz provides tools that allow Das Lumen to enhance the visibility of their special events, attracting both new and returning visitors.

What is the No. 1 problem that Keaz solves?

  • Reaching Non-Social Media Users: Keaz helps Das Lumen reach a broader audience, including those who do not use platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

“Wir haben schon lange nach einer Alternative zum klassischen E-Mail Newsletter gesucht, da dieser von unsere Kunden kaum noch gelesen wurde. WhatsApp Newsletter sind daher ideal, um schnell und effektiv mit unseren Kunden zu kommunizieren. Keaz ermöglicht uns eine einfache Verwaltung. “

Teresa, Manager at Das Lumen Filmtheater

Automate customer retention on your favourite messaging channels now.

Use Case 1: Targeted Event Promotions

Utilizing WhatsApp newsletters to promote upcoming cinema events directly to a diverse audience base.

Use Case 2: Customer Engagement

Engaging with customers by sending personalized updates and offers, thus increasing customer retention and satisfaction.

Use Case 3: Feedback Collection

Using automated contact collection and feedback mechanisms to gather insights and improve services.

Customers success indicators

Expanded reach to audiences not active on traditional social media platforms.

Retention of loyal customers through targeted and personal communication.

Increased audience engagement during special events.


Das Lumen Filmtheater has effectively utilized Keaz to enhance its outreach and engagement strategies. By adopting Keaz's tools for direct communication via WhatsApp, the theater has not only managed to circumvent the limitations of traditional social media but has also succeeded in retaining its customer base and enhancing participation in special events. While there is room for improvement in the user interface and customer support aspects of Keaz, the overall benefits have significantly transformed Das Lumen’s promotional efforts and audience engagement.

Automate customer retention on your favourite messaging channels now.

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