mainkryo°LOUNGE Increases Client Engagement with Tailored Offers and Enhanced Communication

mainkryo°LOUNGE, specializing in cryotherapy, embraces Keaz to enhance client interaction and service customization. Jakob Müller, the founder, leveraged Keaz’s capabilities to better reach potential clients and understand their specific needs. This approach allowed for more personalized service offerings and streamlined communication, which is essential in the wellness industry where client comfort and satisfaction are paramount.



Fitness and Wellness


Würzburg, Germany

Company Size

1-5 Employees

The Challenge

Customer acquisition was identified as the primary operational challenge for mainkryo°LOUNGE. Successfully reaching and engaging potential clients in a competitive wellness market is crucial for sustained business growth and client satisfaction.

What convinced the customer to use Keaz?

What is the customer's No. 1 reason for using Keaz?

The need to deliver customized service offerings to each client, specifically tailored to their individual wellness needs.

What is the customer's No. 1 problem that Keaz solves?

Helping more people benefit from cryotherapy by reaching them effectively and understanding their specific health and wellness requirements.

“Wir haben schon lange nach einer Alternative zum klassischen E-Mail Newsletter gesucht, da dieser von unsere Kunden kaum noch gelesen wurde. WhatsApp Newsletter sind daher ideal, um schnell und effektiv mit unseren Kunden zu kommunizieren. Keaz ermöglicht uns eine einfache Verwaltung. “

Jakob Müller, Owner

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Customers use cases

Use Case 1: WhatsApp newsletters are regularly used to inform clients about new services and promotional offers.

Use Case 2: Automated contact collection and client group management help maintain and organize client data efficiently.

Use Case 3: Live Chat feature enables real-time communication, enhancing client support and interaction.

Customers success indicators

Adjustments to service offerings based on direct customer feedback.

Click Through Rates (CTR) for newsletters reaching up to 12%.


Through the integration of Keaz, mainkryo°LOUNGE has not only improved its client communication but also tailored its services more effectively based on direct feedback. This has resulted in increased client engagement, demonstrated by impressive CTRs on newsletters and positive changes in service offerings. While exploring further improvements in database functionalities could enhance operations, the current use of Keaz's features like WhatsApp newsletters and live chat has significantly contributed to the success of mainkryo°LOUNGE.

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