LAVO Carwash: Enhancing Customer Engagement and Efficiency with Keaz

LAVO Carwash in Euskirchen is a modern car wash facility that provides comprehensive vehicle cleaning services, including basic washes, intensive care, and specialized treatments to maintain the aesthetic and functional integrity of vehicles.



Services (Carwash)


Euskirchen, Germany

Company Size

15-30 Employees

The Challenge

LAVO Carwash faces significant operational challenges including managing high customer volumes during peak times, ensuring consistent service quality, and embracing digital transformation. Key to overcoming these challenges is efficient staff scheduling, fast operations, stringent maintenance, and moving traditional processes to digital platforms such as online booking and digital marketing.

Why Keaz?

  • Direct and Personal Customer Communication: The primary reason for choosing Keaz was to establish direct, personalized communication with customers, enhancing customer service and loyalty.

What is the No. 1 reason for using Keaz?

  • Building Customer Relationships: Keaz enables LAVO Carwash to send personalized messages and promotions, directly addressing individual customer needs and preferences.

What is the No. 1 problem that Keaz solves?

  • Ineffective Communication and Customer Engagement: Before Keaz, LAVO Carwash struggled with keeping customers informed and responding quickly to their inquiries. Keaz has revolutionized this process, making communication swift and personal.

“Wir haben schon lange nach einer Alternative zum klassischen E-Mail Newsletter gesucht, da dieser von unsere Kunden kaum noch gelesen wurde. WhatsApp Newsletter sind daher ideal, um schnell und effektiv mit unseren Kunden zu kommunizieren. Keaz ermöglicht uns eine einfache Verwaltung. “

Timo Beuth, Owner

Automatisiere die Kundenbinung für dein Unternehmen einfach über WhatsApp.

Use Case 1: Enhanced Direct Communication

  • Description: Using Keaz’s WhatsApp messaging, LAVO Carwash sends instant updates about services, promotions, and operational hours directly to customers' phones.

Use Case 2: Personalized Marketing

  • Description: Tailoring marketing messages based on customer behavior and preferences to boost visits and revenue.

Use Case 3: Efficient Customer Service

  • Description: Leveraging Keaz’s live chat and automation tools to respond to customer inquiries quickly, enhancing satisfaction and retention.

Customers success indicators

Increased customer retention through regular, personalized communication via WhatsApp.

Improved customer satisfaction due to timely responses and efficient service.

More efficient marketing strategies leading to increased sales and stronger customer loyalty.


LAVO Carwash has significantly enhanced its customer engagement and operational efficiency by integrating Keaz into its business model. The tools provided by Keaz have enabled a seamless transition to digital customer interactions, improving both customer satisfaction and business profitability. While LAVO sees room for improvement in search functionalities and user guides within Keaz, the overall impact has been highly positive.

Automatisiere die Kundenbinung für dein Unternehmen einfach über WhatsApp.

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